i would marry any man that did this. fyi.


DIY Film Roll Message Holder

Write a message on a strip of paper and feed it into the roll to make a DIY “card.”

It’s not too late to do this project for Valentine’s Day if you have empty film rolls at home! (You can also stop by your local film lab.)

  • How normal people talk:
  • He said, and then she said, and then we all agreed...
  • How I talk:
  • I was like, and like he was like, and then she was like, and then we were all like...

I am so so blessed.

chills down my spine.

pieces of my life come together in front of my eyes. it’s so weird. i am one very blessed human being. things fall into place, when the timing is right. thank you.

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.

—Charles Dickens